Envelope vs. Envelop

This Tuesday Tip is a common mistake I see and it’s a bit tricky as well.


Envelope is a noun. It is a flat piece of paper you put a note in and seal. It is used to envelop documents.

  • You put your love letters in an envelope.

Envelop is a verb. It means to surround completely.

  • You envelop your loved ones in a hug.


And I would never forget your visual…


Happy Halloween

When my kids started preschool I wanted to make sure I inspired them to read. To me, that meant having plenty of books around that would interest them. I made the decision early on to have books all around the house so they could easily pick one up. And that fostered my love of buying books.

Our favorite tradition each holiday is decorating the house accordingly. The kids love to help and always fight over who gets to put out the holiday books that are just for them. We have a huge stack of children’s books for every holiday. Now that the kids are older they still love to go through the picture books each holiday season. Here is their Halloween favorite.

Do you buy books for holidays for you or your kids? Do you have a favorite Halloween book?


Desert vs. Dessert

I love to use visuals for my Tuesday Tips and today is no exception. This morning Pickle asked if I’d used desert vs. dessert as a Tuesday Tip yet because she can never remember which is which. After telling her my tip about always wanting more dessert, she laughed and replied she’d never forget again. So, for Pickle, here is today’s Tuesday Tip.

desert vs dessert

Threw vs. Through

Today’s Tuesday Tip will be short and sweet. I’m only going to use a graphic this week because I think it’s such a great explanation.

He threw the ball through the net.

threw through

Pail vs. Pale

It’s been a few weeks since we have had a Tuesday Tip. Today I’m sharing a tip that I ran across while working. Hopefully it helps someone.

Pail: A pail is a noun and it refers to a container or bucket that is used for holding or carrying something.

Pale: Pale is an adjective, verb or a noun. As an adjective it means weak or light in color. As a verb it means to become pale or seem less important. As a noun pale means a post or a boundary.

And you know I love visuals so here you go.

pail vs pale

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