Friday Fun

This is still one of my favorite memes out there.


Friday Fun

It’s finally summer break here and the kids are out of school. Pickle read almost 5 million words this school year and Porky wasn’t far behind with 3.5 million words read. Needless to say, reading is something we’re all looking forward to this summer when pesky homework won’t be getting in the way. So tell me, what are you reading this summer? Give me your best recommendations for adults and kids. Pickle is an 11yo girl and Porky is a 10yo boy. Send us your best and send us a lot. We’re going to need plenty to keep us busy.


Precedent vs. President

With an upcoming inauguration, today’s tip explains the differences between two words that sound and may even be related:

Precedent refers to something that went before; it precedes something or serves as an example.

President refers to the leader of an organization. Records show the term was first used in the American colonies and is used in that manner in the U.S. Constitution.

So you could possibly say America set a precedent by creating the role of president.

Envelope vs. Envelop

This Tuesday Tip is a common mistake I see and it’s a bit tricky as well.


Envelope is a noun. It is a flat piece of paper you put a note in and seal. It is used to envelop documents.

  • You put your love letters in an envelope.

Envelop is a verb. It means to surround completely.

  • You envelop your loved ones in a hug.


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