Nicole is nothing short of a life saver. Time and time again, she’s proven to be thorough and professional. She has both a sharp eye and a respect for style that I’ve always appreciated. I can’t imagine putting out a book without her.

-Adrienne Bell (Author of The Sinner Saints series)



I truly thought my indy novella was in great shape for release. I had thirty books and five years in the industry under my belt. I’d gotten a bang up cover artist, a wonderful editor and a fabulous copy editor. Turned out, it wasn’t enough. Just like in traditional publishing, things slip through the cracks. Then I hired Nicole. She caught typos, grammar issues, formatting snafus, and even a continuity problem. Without her keen eye, I would’ve put out a product that wasn’t ready for my readers eyes, and I would’ve regretted it. My advice? Write a great book, get an editor, and then? Hire Nicole!

– USA Today Bestselling Author, Christine Bell


“I honestly can’t say enough about my experience with Nicole Bailey as my main editor. She’s professional and knows her craft well, but for me as a prolific (and at times scatterbrained) writer, her ability to keep up with my schedule and move as efficiently and effectively as she does – blows me out of the water. I’ll be working with Nicole  until she kicks me out and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She’s a necessary element of my writing process and I’m beyond blessed to have been introduced to her.”

-Laurie Starkey (LA Starkey, Ali Parker & Kate Thomas)

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Looking for a reliable editor with a quick turnaround and impeccable accuracy? Well, look no further! Nicole at Proof Before You Publish is exactly who you’ve been looking for! Kind and courteous, accommodating and flexible, Nicole will proof your words to perfection! Contact her today!  -Anne Mercier



I initially chose Nicole to be my editor and join me on this journey of creativity when she so kindly and diligently responded to my email. Being a debut author I was terrified of the editing process, but Nicole was brilliant! She eased my worries with professionalism to the highest standards and yet held my hand along the way. Nicole’s turnaround time is lightning fast and her communication is instant. I am so blessed that I found her and am truly honored that she agreed to work with me bringing her expertise to the table.

-Kimberly Blalock
Author of His Angel

His Angel


With my first book, I published without having an editor and it showed. Then Nicole contacted me. She’d read my book and offered her proofreading services. After she went through the book and I saw the number of errors I as well as my beta readers missed, I was so grateful that she walked into my life. With my second book, Nicole wasn’t just a proofreader, she was my content editor. She pointed out the flaws, plot holes, mistakes, and she even included what she thought was truly great about the book. She’s professional, she’s fun, and she’s a total sweetheart. I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to get an amazing editor like Nicole, but I’m so thankful. I am truly blessed to have found an editor who knows her “stuff” right out of the gate. Nicole is the editor you want if you want your book to be the best it can be. Send her an email… you’ll, no doubt, be as impressed as I am.



“I was very excited when I published my first book in the summer of 2013, until I realized that the editor I hired didn’t do the job that I paid her for. Then I hired Nicole, who fixed all of the grammatical issues, pointed out continuity problems and helped me turn my book into something that I am proud to say I have written. Nicole has great attention to detail and she blows my mind when she catches things that contradict what I wrote earlier in a story. I love that she keeps me in the loop throughout the editing process, so I always know what is going on with my manuscript. She is very personable and easy to work with. I look forward to working with Nicole in the future and I can’t recommend her enough to other authors that I come in contact with!”

-Rebecca Elise



“If you’re like me you’ve had bad luck with editors. In this indie publishing world sometimes it’s hard to find people who will do right by you. Let me tell you that Nicole will do right by you. I’ve never had an editor who got down to it like she does. She points out all my plot mistakes and she isn’t afraid to tell me where I’ve confused her. She is always polite and excited to receive a new book by me. I have horrible grammar, I don’t understand sentence structure, and most of the time I can’t spell. You wouldn’t be able to tell that by reading my books that Nicole has edited. She is truly amazing at her job and you won’t be sorry you gave her a shot!”
-Amanda Heath


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