Pickle Picks a Passage

Pickle sent today’s quote to me during spring break as she was reading Michael Buckley’s The Sisters Grimm series. It’s a nine-volume series that kept her entertained during our road trip. I’m not sure how many times I asked her to stop reading and enjoy our journey, but I do know she read the whole series during the five-day trip. If you’ve got a 4-6 grader, you might want to check it out.

“Then I suppose we need to sentence him, and I tell you folks, I’m going to give him a full sentence.  Not a sentence fragment but a whole sentence with a verb and a noun and possibly an adjective. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a conjunction in there as well.”

Tales from the Hood
By Michael Buckley

Too big? Nope. Looks perfect to me.

While watching an episode of Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV I mentioned I’d like to try my hand at living in a tiny home. I should mention I’m on the verge of being a hoarder. I have a hard time throwing anything away for fear that as soon as I do, I’ll need it. My husband thinks I’m insane for wanting to try this but did say that once the kids are grown he’ll let me build a tiny home…on the property of the home he’ll live in. Such a swell guy. About three minutes after this I got a new email from TheComputerBoy with this attachment…


Looks perfect to me.

A Family Affair

I mentioned in the Tuesday Tip this week that my job has become a family affair. My poor family is stuck living with an editor and I know it’s not easy for them.

My kids hate having to write paragraphs and essays for school because they know I will go through it with a red pen. They bring their essays on scratch paper first so we can go through it together, then they write the final draft. Did I mention they’ve learned this at a really young age? They are only nine and ten.

My husband on the other hand, does not need to write essays for school. He writes reports for work and has a blog he writes for his side business. I’m not sure if he loves or hates having a wife that’s a stickler for words. But I do know there are nights when I get asked to proofread and edit an article for him.

Thankfully they’re all good sports.

The kids enjoy giving me topics for tips, sending me quotes from books they read, and pointing out errors they might come across. Even my husband sends me funny jokes or anything else he thinks might be “worthy” of posting on the site. It doesn’t hurt that he created my site either.

Because of this, I’m starting a new category on Proof Before You Publish: Living Life With An Editor. Some of these posts might be duplicates to things you’ve seen on the Internet recently, some may not apply to reading, editing and proofreading as much as you’d like them to, and others may just not make any sense at all. But everything posted in this category will have come from my family. Remember, there’s the husband (TheComputerBoy), a 10-year-old girl (Pickle) and a 9-year-old boy (Porky). Who knows what’s in store?


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